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Madutzu1234's achievements:
General Achievements

Full-time Staffer

01.08.2016 08:56

Become an Administrator

Part-time Staffer

06.07.2016 11:16

Become a Helper

Making this Server Famous!

24.06.2016 06:23

Become an Advertiser

We've moved out

04.07.2016 09:59

Change your e-mail address

Getting the Party Started!

11.02.2016 21:04

Register an account on our server

A new Director is in Town!

12.02.2016 09:34

Create a Movie Set

Fliming starts in Five!

12.07.2016 16:03

Invite 5 other people in your Movie Set


25.04.2016 12:38

Buy a product from our Shop

Hardcore Fan

22.06.2016 13:50

Spend at least 18 hours online in one week


01.03.2016 17:10

Open a Mystery Box

What's the Prize?

23.06.2016 08:25

Organize an event

Cameraman in no time!

25.02.2016 08:29

Use the cinematic camera mode


15.02.2016 10:32

Use F or Enter by the entrance to visit an interior

It's my lucky day!

20.06.2016 17:00

Win a Mystery Box in our daily extractions

Always be Prepared!

12.02.2016 13:43

Backup your Movie Set

Back in my day...

29.10.2016 06:45

Reach level 30

A Fresh Start!

12.02.2016 09:29

Change your character's skin

That's my jam!

30.03.2016 05:41

Play a radio stream or a YT soundtrack.

But are they brand-name?

27.06.2016 05:46

Make your character wear accessories

Want a doughnut?

25.04.2016 11:51

Install a police siren on a vehicle

Professional Filmmaker

01.03.2016 17:20

Use a greecube in your Movie Set

I, Robot?!

25.02.2016 08:09

Operate our NPC system


Become a Temporary Administrator


Play as ID 100

War Arena Achievements

Such a cruel world...

07.07.2016 06:57

Suicide while inside War Arena

Miniature... everything?

12.02.2016 09:14

Fight in the RC Arena

Too much water!

18.03.2016 06:54

Fight on War Island

More than once!

27.06.2016 19:03

Accomplish a 10-kill spree in War Arena

One-man Army

25.02.2016 08:06

Finish a round as the best player in War Arena

Do you even own a mouse?

12.02.2016 09:28

Finish a round as the worst player in War Arena

Freedom Fighter

26.04.2016 05:43

Unlock the M4 in War Arena


07.05.2016 07:00

Unlock the TEC-9 in War Arena


19.06.2016 09:11

Unlock the Country Rifle in War Arena


21.06.2016 12:47

Unlock the Sniper Rifle in War Arena

Six-star General

21.06.2016 12:47

Reach rank 6 in War Arena

Small-time murderer

12.02.2016 09:15

Acquire 10 kills in War Arena

Serial Killer

28.04.2016 05:56

Acquire 100 kills in War Arena

Death Incarnated!

28.06.2016 10:29

Acquire 1000 kills in War Arena

Sloppy Gunman

12.07.2016 15:50

Snipe 50 innocent victims in War Arena

Experimented Contractor

15.07.2016 15:22

Snipe 100 innocent victims in War Arena

First-hand Assassin

27.07.2016 17:50

Snipe 200 innocent victims in War Arena

Hm, not bad...

06.05.2016 16:05

Kill 50 players with a Deagle in War Arena

Your aim has improved!

17.06.2016 16:02

Kill 100 players with a Deagle in War Arena

Don't come any closer!

23.06.2016 09:13

Kill 200 players with a Deagle in War Arena


12.02.2016 09:23

Assist your teammates in killing 50 players in War Arena


03.05.2016 08:07

Assist your teammates in killing 50 players in War Arena.

Comrades for Life!

01.07.2016 11:38

Assist your teammates in killing 500 players in War Arena.

Air Zone Achievements

Who designed this place?!

05.07.2016 09:41

Land an aircraft with no damage on the Special Airport

Touch Down

26.04.2016 06:15

Complete your first flight in Air Zone.

All men must die!

23.06.2016 11:35

Explode a flight while being the terrorist in Air Zone

Abandon Ship!

12.02.2016 10:47

Bail out of a plane due to its damage

That much per litre?!

01.06.2016 17:46

Refill a vehicle

Driving in Style!

06.07.2016 12:30

Purchase a personal vehicle


07.05.2016 07:03

Buy a pet with your Pilot Points

Delivery Boy

19.06.2016 09:46

Carry luggage on an airport

Air Force One

21.06.2016 05:49

Reach rank 5 in Air Zone


Fix your aircraft in Air Zone

Tournament of Champions Achievements

Practice Makes Perfect!

04.07.2016 17:45

Visit the Tournament Arena during a period of training

Making New Friends

04.07.2016 17:43

Be invited in a Tournament team

And the Trophy goes to...

04.07.2016 17:48

Reach rank 6 in Tournament of Champions

Natural-born Leader

11.07.2016 08:36

Become a Tournamet team owner


Cause 400HP damage to the enemy statue


Receive Gold from your team leader


Spectate a match during the Tournament of Champions


Fire the last bullet to hit the enemy statue


Fire the first bullet to hit the enemy statue


Finish a Tournament round as the best player


Finish a Tournament match as the worst player

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